Our goal is simple. Help you communicate better in your work and your life.

Our goal is simple. Help you communicate better in your work and your life.

Our goal is simple. Help you communicate better in your work and your life.


Millicorp's family of products addresses the concerns of consumers around the world; whether it's texting or talking we have a solution for you. For instance, MilliTalk gives you the opportunity to turn your iPhone into a better phone and your iPad or even iPod touch into a fully functioning phone reducing costly phone bills. We also have a product that helps the families of inmates who were once forced to pay outdated long distance phone rates. ConsCallHome helps thousands of families members stay connected by offering a secure and affordable phone service. The call quality on all of our products is 100% pure digital with a warm clear sound. We invite you to check out all of our services and products: Click here.


The business market is far different today than it was just a few short years ago and a global presence is often times vital. Our family of business grade products makes it easy for you to communicate and interact worldwide without the cost of expensive in-house telephone systems. For instance, if you need a second number for a more professional prescence, we can provide it. We can literally increase your global footprint at a minimal cost. Our products makes staying connected easy and affordable from our VoIP phone systems, on-screen systems management and multi-tier calling queues to voicemail accounts. For more product details Click here.

Millicorp has consistently designed and released communication solutions since 2008 for consumers and businesses worldwide. Re-imagining the way we communicate and how we stay connected is in the heart of everyone at Millicorp and the proof is in the multi-faceted and versatile products. Whether its niche businesses products, staying connected globally or simply the need to talk with an incarcerated loved one Millicorp delivers a better way to communicate.

Introducing MilliTalk v3.0

Now with full featured in and out of networking texting.

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